Born in Illinois, Don Joy began to show his fondness for music around the age of two when his mother noticed him sitting in front of the radio for hours while pretending to make music with his toys. She remembers he always had to have the radio on while riding in the car and enjoyed watching him sing his favorite songs in front of a mirror using his hairbrush as a microphone. Don’s grandmother bought him his first guitar at the age of ten, which prompted him to ditch his accordion lessons and teach himself to play the guitar on his own. Don started writing his own songs around the age of sixteen and would sing to his friends in school. Some of Don’s favorite artists, which have greatly influenced his own style, include Elvis Presley, Marty Robbins, Conway Twitty, and George Jones. 

Don Joy hails from Missouri as well as Melanie Lynn.    They have hooked up musically to reach a new level of recording works from various artists in the traditional country music world.

Melanie was born in St. Martins, MO.  and as young girl  would sing and dance to records with two of her sisters, they would pretend like they were singing to an audience.  Melanie wanted to sing back up with my older sister, who was recording in Nashville but  was too young at the time. By the time she was old enough to sing with her sister, she passed away from cancer.   Melanie has all that music she composed and would like to record some of her songs someday.

Don and Melanie have also recorded a tribute album to another REM member  Wade Jackson, whom we all love dearly. 

Check out Don & Mel's website for all they are doing and accomplishing.  They are winning awards and on a roll with their great new duet.
Don Joy & Melanie Lynn